30 Admirable Outdoor Mini Bar Design Ideas

Admirable Outdoor Mini Bar Design Ideas 24

Sometimes, it is more fun to use your own place as venue for your party. Not only will you be able to save some money compared when you rent a place but also you will have more control of your party. However, if you are going to use your house as the venue for your event, then make sure that it is presentable to everyone. One perfect area in your house to set up the party is your patio. Here are some tips on how to prepare your patio for an outdoor party with your friends:

Trim down the grasses and bushes from your garden – first of all, you need to trim down the grasses from your garden to prepare the place for the party. You should make sure that the bushes look very presentable and that there are no rotten leaves or stems. Your plants and flowers will surely add beauty to the place.

Set up some bar height patio furniture – it is recommended to set up bar height patio furniture for more formal events wherein people talk to one another to transact on business or something. This kind of furniture is perfect whether your guests are drinking wine or coffee.

You could also settle for deep seating patio furniture for more lax events – for a more laid-back events like for example a barbecue party with family friends, you could set up deep seating patio furniture. Having this kind of furniture will allow your guests to enjoy the good conversation while relaxing in your patio.

Set up a mini bar for your guests – for evening affairs, you could set up mini bar to supply your guests their favourite beverages. You could also hire a bar tender who will entertain the guests with some bottle spinning and mixing cocktail techniques.

Do not forget the sound system – you should also remember to have a good sound system that will liven up the party. It is best to use music according to the theme of the party. If you are having a disco party then play some disco music and other fast songs but if you are having more formal event then you could opt for some jazz and classical music.

Make sure the pool area is clean – if you have a swimming pool in the house then be sure to clean it for the party. Well, it is not only if you are having a pool party but always because it is not good to see a dirty pool full of leaves or something while you are trying to enjoy a party.

Set up some colourful lights – it is also a great idea to use colourful lights to make the evening more special. This will surely liven up the party as well.

Using your house or your patio to be specific as venue for your parties or events is definitely advantageous for your part for so many reasons:
1. You will be able to save money
2. You will be able to show to your friends your home
3. There will be no time limit
4. You can invite your friends to sleep over if they are too drunk to drive
5. You can set up the place exactly the way you want to.

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