30 Lovely Spring Wooden Decor

Lovely Spring Wooden Decor 23

Crafts are a great way to spend time in Spring, and embrace the changing seasons, decorate your home, etc. The following are some great craft ideas.

Spring wreath, A bouquet of flowers is a great spring craft. It makes a bit of beautiful home decor, and can be very fun to make. You will proudly display a bouquet of flowers at your door, and tell everyone that you made it yourself. What you need: Woven wreaths, Artificial spring flowers, Tape, Hot glue gun, Spring wood cutouts

For this craft you will want to arrange your artificial flowers around wicker bouquets. You can pick up wicker bouquets at a basic craft store. You will use hot glue to attach artificial flowers around the wreath. Then, you can paint a few pieces of wood, and put them up as well. Make a big bow to attach to the top of the wreath. If you want to make it look very springy, then attach a colored egg in a small nest in the hole in the wreath. There are many ways to dress your bouquets, and make them very cute and fun! Use your creativity.

Flowerpot animals. This is a fun craft that involves the use of flower pots, which are the basic items for spring. For this craft, you must first decide what animal you want to make. What you need: Paint with animal colors (pink for pigs, black for cows, etc.), Wooden ball, Flower pot, Feel, Hot glue, Shake your eyes, Tape.

Start by painting the flower pots, all of them pink if you want a pig pot. Paint the ball too. Then glue it to a moving eye, and paint to other features, based on the type of animal you are making. Use the felt to cut the ears, and glue it to the side of the wooden ball. Use a ribbon to tie a cute bow to the neck of a cow / pig, or whatever animal you make.

Rabbit, this is a fun activity, and they make nice home decorations. The first step is to make this craft to cut the shape of a rabbit from your fabric. Then, cut the middle part to glue it to the wood to be crafted. Use a brush to clean the wood, cut the wood to shape it properly. Then, stick to moving eyes, and decorate the nuances to make your rabbit beautiful. You then want to attach a few ribbons to the back of the rabbit so you can hang it on a door, bedpost, or anywhere to make your home more like a spring garden.

These are just a few fun spring craft ideas, but they are not at all the only choices you have.

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