30 Popular Guest Room design Ideas

Popular Guest Room Design Ideas 26

Even though homeowners spend quite a lot of time and money on living rooms, kitchen and bathrooms remodels, a guest room is one of the most often neglected spaces in the house. If you’re planning on having some overnight guests within the next year, please consider remodelling your guest room to make it more appealing and welcoming. You should take pride in how your guests feel inside of your house, not just yourself.

In this article I shall be giving you a step by step guide which will include how to liven up your room, how to coordinate, creating enough storage space, bathroom access and your finishing touches. The first thing you should do is examine the condition of the walls and flooring within your room.

Is the paint looking a bit dull? Is the wallpaper outdated or coming off? Painting is the easiest and most inexpensive remodelling step, yet it can instantly create a fresh atmosphere that friends or family staying in your guest room will soon appreciate. Keep in mind that warm or neutral tones are often the most inviting. If you want to put up new wallpapers, choose a nice soft pattern with a border to keep it simple, don’t go for anything to elaborate or strenuous.

What is the current condition of your flooring? Is your carpet stained or worn? If so, replacing it with new carpeting will change the look of the entire room. If the carpet is in decent shape but a little matted down, you should consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner. This reduces the cost of having to purchase a new carpet and yet livens up the look of your room, still. If, like me, you have hardwood flooring, simply adding a new area rug will give your guest room a warmer touch and should make the area softer underfoot and more comfortable for all of your visitors.

After you have decided on a colour scheme for your room, try to coordinate comforters, sheets, window treatment, throw pillows and chairs to match. A unified colour scheme looks elegant and will make guests feel special. Try to avoid, however, going for a completely different theme from the rest of your house. There shouldn’t be such a harsh contrast from the rest of the house, if not your guest bedroom will looked isolated and out of place.

No one likes living out of a suitcase. Regardless of how long your guests are planning on staying, it is considerate to create storage space for their clothing and personal items whilst they are visiting. You should clear out a drawer or two and make some space in the closet where they can hang their clothes. Be sure to tuck some extra toiletries and fresh towels in one of the drawers as well.

How is the bathroom access from your guest room? Do your guests have to walk down a long hall to get to the bathroom? Do they have to go upstairs or downstairs or even disturb someone to get to the bathroom? If there isn’t a convenient bathroom near the guest room and space allows it, perhaps you should consider installing a small bathroom which is sectioned off within the room. This would require, of course, a larger budget but if it’s possible, your guests will be grateful. This will also be an incredible addition to your home if you ever look to sell.

Even a half bathroom could be added for extra convenience. This is an especially good idea if your family has frequent houseguests. A private bathroom in the spare room is a convenience that your company will appreciate, and will also cut down on crowding your existing bathrooms when visitors are over.

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