33 Awesome Indoor Playroom Design Ideas

Awesome Indoor Playroom Design Ideas 27

More than merely a space where your child sleeps, a child’s bedroom is the place where he or she will spend much of his or her time, both with friends and alone. That’s why the perfect child’s bedroom is more than merely a bedroom but a fun (and safe) play space as well. This article will go over the ways you can turn any bedroom into a combination bedroom-playroom no matter how big or small the room or your budget may be.

Just like your child’s bedroom should reflect his or her personality and tastes, so should the playroom element of your child’s bedroom do the same. Every kid has different ways of playing, different interests and activities they enjoy, and these preferences should form the basis of your design plan for the play space you plan to incorporate into the room.

Does your child like to draw and color? If so, consider soft, plush area rugs and thick, comfy floor pillows. Use them to designate a specific area of the room for play with colored pencils, crayons, markers, paints, etc. Make that section of the room bright and colorful and you do even more to attract your child to do his or her drawing and coloring there.

Or does your child prefer livelier, more rough-and-tumble sorts of play? In this case, opt for more wide open space than enclosed or sectioned-off areas, and instead of rugs lay down floor mats for added safety. Other elements for such a play space may include climbing walls on one side of the room and large mirrors on the other side, so your child can watch him or herself exert all the energy without risking falling into the mirror or any other hard object and getting hurt.

The easiest way to convert a child’s bedroom into a combination bedroom and playroom is with a custom bed. Custom beds are single, multi-purpose units of furniture that can be designed to suit any child’s desires and every parent’s needs. They’re sturdy and solid enough to endure the wild behavior typical of most children – running, jumping, climbing, crawling, sliding, etc. They can include ample storage space like cabinets, chests, drawers, shelves, etc., all kept securely out of the way of any playing areas, so your child’s many toys and games have a place where they can be cleaned up and neatly put away.

Custom beds to be used not just as sleeping spaces but play spaces too can include slip-proof surfaces, rounded corners, and other features for added safety, while also being built with slides, climbing bars and other elements to delight any child’s penchant for fun, excitement, and variety in their playtime activities.

Custom theme beds are built strong and sturdy enough to support such active climbing and jumping, and can even be built with climbing bars, slides, no-slip surfaces, and other such activity-friendly features included. They can also be built with thick carpeted areas and soft pillow-filled corners included for relaxed play too.

Better even than mere custom beds are custom theme beds, designed with a look and feel reflective of a child’s particular passions – be they sports, the forest or beach, fairy tales and storybook characters, and more. Designing a custom bed around a theme inspires the kind of play most thrilling to the particular child. With a custom theme bed in their room, never again will your child complain about being bored, as they’ll be living immersed in the fantasy world of their choosing.

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