35 Brilliant Spring Bathroom Decor Ideas

Brilliant Spring Bathroom Decor Ideas 35

When you’re looking for fresh themes to use when decorating your home, you can always look to nature for ideas, especially when you’re decorating a bathroom and you want a motif that’s light and airy, projecting warmth and sunshine, even if there isn’t a window in the room.

For example, using Spring as your theme would result in a delightful room, an environment in which you could shower and enjoy “singing in the rain”. Corny? Yeah, but it still sounds lovely, doesn’t it? By paying a little special attention to the walls and adding some beautiful butterfly bathroom accessories, you will have a little sanctuary in your home where you can stretch out in a warm tub and relax way your cares.

There are a lot of techniques you can use to accomplish a Spring look in your bathroom. Some are as simple as buying metal flower sculptures to hang on the walls. You can purchase flowers like this on different websites and could possibly find some at bargain prices on eBay. A more challenging idea for a Spring wall décor would be to paint the bottom half of your walls a medium shade of slate blue and the top half with the same color in a much lighter shade.

From there on out, it’s kind of up to you. If you are artistic, you can paint your own flowers, grass, and wildlife on the walls. If not, you might want to look into Tatouage, a delightful system for adding flowers, birds, and butterflies to your walls.Butterflies are always a delicate and colorful addition to any Spring theme. You can add them to your walls using the Tatouage system, which even includes a butterfly toilet seat cover, or other decal systems, and by including other butterfly bathroom accessories to augment your décor.

You will find shower curtains, window curtains, wastebaskets, soap dispensers, tissue and toothbrush holders, and numerous other accessories which will compliment your Spring design. Some of these sets of matching accessories can be purchased with matching shower curtains and even decorative towels. You will be able to turn your bathroom into such a Spring oasis that people aren’t even going to realize what the true function of the room is.

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