Admirable Indoor Plants Design Ideas

Admirable Indoor Plants Design Ideas 21

One of the most important aspects of indoor decorating is the use of live indoor plants. Indoor plants are excellent at keeping your household air fresh and clean. Healthy plants also brighten any room and really make a house feel like an inviting home. Here are some tips to keep your plants looking their best with little effort.

Pay attention to where you place your indoor plant. Light is important. A room can be too light or too dark for your plant. Bright direct sunlight can easy burn a plant leaves. A room that is too dark can cause your plant to become long and leggy as it bends towards any source of light. The best place for your indoor plant is in a space with indirect bright light.

Watering is very important to keeping your indoor plant healthy. Most people have a tendency to over-water their plants. It is important to allow your plant to dry out slightly before watering. Do not allow your plant to stand in water for more than a short time. The number one cause of unhealthy, dying plants is too much watering.

Another idea is to use a contained watering system which eliminates the guess work out of how much you should be watering. you should always test the soil with a special soil probe. If the soil is dry, add water. If the soil is wet, leave the plant alone.

Proper soil selection is also vital for a healthy plant. Do a little research online to see what kind of soil is best for your specific plant. Some plants such as cacti and orchid thrive with special soil formulations. Most commercially packaged soil mixes are inexpensive and have already been sterilized to be free from pests. As you get more experienced you can make your own potting soil as well. Most indoor plants do well in soil that is slightly acidic. Soil slowly becomes alkaline over time so if a plant’s growth becomes weak, it may be a good idea to repot it with fresh soil.

Keep these three basic rules in mind to keep your indoor plants healthy. Your foliage should be very easy to care for. Gently clean the leaves to keep them dust free. Your decision to incorporate live plants into your home or office is one of the easiest things you can do to improve health and happiness in your life.

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