Awesome Toilet Storage Design Ideas

Awesome Toilet Storage Design Ideas 10

While most people give attention to choosing a tub, shower and matching basin, storage concerns in the bathroom design are often only an after thought. That is a shame, as not only is bathroom storage important from a practical point of view, it can make a substantial contribution to bathroom décor as well.

When it comes to storing things in the bathroom, vanity sinks, medicine cabinets and linen cabinets will spring to the minds of most people. One often neglected solution is over toilet storage. This area of the bathroom is often just wasted space, and in a small bathroom such neglect can leave you with a cluttered looking bathroom. As far as small bathroom ideas go, the use of over toilet shelving units, space savers and cabinets must rank as one of the best.

Although it is fine to fix toilet shelves and cabinets to the wall above the toilet, this is not necessary. There are many freestanding designs on the market, which can incorporate shelves alone, a cabinet alone, or both. Over toilet storage with cabinet and shelves is ideal. The freestanding units will usually stand astride the toilet. When searching online, it is also worth searching for toilet etageres, which sound very posh but are much the same thing. Similarly, with over the toilet space savers.

You will find that over the toilet storage units come in quite a range of prices, and can be made of solid wood, particle board and MDF for those who like wood, and stainless steel, chrome and other types of metal if that will fit with your bathroom. If you look patiently, you can find some very attractive toilet shelves and cabinets that will add significantly to your bathroom décor. Of course, these are likely to cost you more than the cheap and wholly functional toilet racks.

If you do go for the very cheapest, then your concern must its stability and whether it will start to look aged and shabby within a few months. Sticking to names such as Ameriwood, Zenith Products, Elite Home fashions and others with good product reviews on Amazon, will help to ensure that you will get lasting value for money.

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