Best Simple Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Best Simple Swimming Pool Design Ideas 22

When it comes to luxury purchases for your garden then the two at the top of your list must be a swimming pool and/or a hot tub. Hot tubs are fantastic and in an ideal world we would probably all buy one, however you may be put off by the initial cost of them as well as the ongoing costs required to run them, but do not let this put you off as they are surprisingly affordable to run.

And if you think a hot tub is expensive to buy then you may run a mile if we asked you to buy a swimming pool! However nothing could be further from the truth with basic Easy Set pools costing less to buy then you would spend on a good night out for two people. Still think a pool is beyond your budget?

Well think again as trust me virtually no matter how small or large your garden is there is a swimming pool available to fit in it. Even if you have a small courtyard garden you could easily fit in an 8 to 12ft splasher pool. For sure you will not get fit swimming in it, but it will be a great place to play with your kids in Summer, or just chill out with a drink in on a hot summers evening.

Do you need any skill to install one of these pool kits? Well if you can use a foot pump, put a plug in a socket and turn the power on, and fill the pool with a hosepipe, then we can safely say you have all of the technical skills you need to get your own pool up and running.

The name says it all ‘Easy Set’, so easy a child could get one up and running, and if you buy one in the morning, depending on your water pressure you could be swimming in the afternoon.

There are also large swimming pool kits that take slightly more effort to install, and they are known as metal frame set pools, and as the name suggests they are held together by a metal frame, however even these examples often just clip together or just require the use of a screwdriver.

Indeed when installing such a simple pool your main concerns will just be running water to it, and fitting an RCD protected power supply to the pump and filter to avoid any chance of electrocution. So give a swimming pool some thought today.

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