Fabulous Small Nightstand Design Ideas

Fabulous Small Nightstand Design Ideas 29

The thing about nightstands is that people hardly notice them except when they need a table to put some things on. It is only then when they have the satisfaction of putting things on top of a night table that people appreciate the serviceability of nightstands. There are many kinds of nightstands being sold in furniture shops and they are usually considered minor furniture because they are just small inexpensive items.

Actually nightstands are night tables or bedside tables usually found in the bedroom near the bed or in any convenient spot in the bedroom. Most of these tables are made of wood since a lot of them have drawers where one can temporarily store and keep within easy reach items like socks, wallets, cell phones, medicine bottles, books, alarm clock, and other things that one might need during the night, before going to sleep or after waking up.

The best place to put the slippers is always under the bed but some prefer to keep them under nightstands where they are easier to locate. The usual furniture set-up in a bedroom is that there is one large bed in between the two small bedroom nightstands. For couples occupying the bed, each of them uses the bedside table on his or her side of the bed. As a matter of fact, the husband and the wife always stay on their chosen sides of the matrimonial bed.

There is no argument on this usual practice although there is still a big debate as to who is the more insistent one in imposing the sleeping arrangement. Nightstands are usually the places where things are kept by the bed occupants before going to sleep and to be retrieved by them once they wake up.

There are some nightstands that do not have drawers but are wide open tables with a rack or two built underneath the solid table top. Nightstands of these types are usually metallic and designed for both aesthetic beauty and utility. Many prefer these types of nightstands as the items placed on them can be easily retrieved when they are needed by the user. The designs of the nightstands depend primarily on the appearance of the bed and the preferential habits of the user. For example, those who like to have late or midnight snacks should go for designs that use nightstands as coffee tables.

To appreciate the variety of nightstands being sold in the market, one should see the catalogues in the internet for the different types of bedside tables for sale. Nightstands are not really expensive as most are ranged less than a hundred dollars and the more expensive ones can reach as high as two hundred dollars or more. Many prefer to buy furniture for entire rooms like those showcased by internet suppliers like Rooms to Go, Incorporated. Buying furniture by lot or as a set is a lot cheaper than buying them individually. In the case of nightstands, they would not cost much if bought together with the bed and other bedroom furniture.

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