Fantastic French Country Design Ideas

Fantastic French Country Design Ideas 35

The French Country style feel is easily obtainable with the right home or kitchen accessories. Getting the look right need not cost a fortune and you don’t need an interior designer. All it takes is little changes like the odd stenciling on walls, coordinating tablecloths and crockery all in the colours you choose.

To get some ideas of how you want your room to look without actually going to France you could look at some of the images on Google by searching for ‘French Country style’ and remember to click images at the top to just show pictures.

Your walls can be cheaply painted using the colours associated with Provencale and France. Colours include bright sunny yellow, soft gold, fiery red, burnt rust, bright grass green and dark hunter green, cobalt blue and soft ocean sea tones.

If you live in an old cottage with rough plastered walls and beamed ceilings, the French Country style will be even easier to obtain. A stone fireplace will really set off a living room or kitchen. With accessories such as copper pots, iron accessories and antique furniture, with a bit of imagination you can easily transform your rooms. Furniture needn’t cost a fortune. Using old furniture either from your home or obtained in second hand shops can look amazing with a touch of hand painting and stenciling with aged paint.

Kitchens can be easily transformed into this French look and feel by simply replacing the accessories. Look around your kitchen and see what you can change. Some accessories that will really give you this look are things like French tablecloths, French kitchen blackboards, storage tins with French prints, iron egg holders, clocks and nearly every type of dishware and crockery. Getting the lighting right will really enhance the look. Overhead lighting as well as spot lighting in working areas is the way to go.

Window dressing can have a serious impact on the French look in your home. Using fabrics in right authentic French colours and styles will work wonders. Stay away from modern contemporary fabrics and stick to fabrics which give off a cozy, warm and rustic feel. Fabrics which are either solid or printed with intense colours such as blue, green, red and yellow will look great. A combination of yellow and gold paired with red green or blue traditional prints will really set the look up. Don’t forget checks and strips as well as the bright floral prints.

To buy French authentic kitchen accessories you don’t have to visit France. There are many online shops where you can buy all the accessories you want at a very reasonably price. Try searching in Google for ‘French Home Accessories’ or ‘French country style accessories’.

French silk or dried flowers are an essential look to your French country room. Also wicker baskets, dented tins and watering cans make great window boxes or storage containers.

Details like matching your furniture with decorative accessories will help you pull off a great new French country style home d├ęcor look that you will want to show off. So get creative, then get those invites out and get entertaining and don’t forget a couple of good bottles of vintage red.

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