Popular Summer Bedroom Design Ideas

Popular Summer Bedroom Design Ideas 32

If you live in the north, you know that winter can really be a drag so why not bring summer into your bedroom. In northern climates when the sun comes out (even if it’s only for a few months of the year) many decor-savvy individuals like to freshen the look of their rooms. Bring summer indoors in full force – without losing the comfortable and cozy furnishings you desire in the cooler months.

When you think summer, you think light. Light colors, light fabrics. Put the heavy drapery away and make the widows a focal point. While the light is great during the day – especially if you don’t need to turn on interior lights – you may dislike the cavernous black holes that they become late at night. For privacy and appearance, keep up the retractable blinds during the day and put them down at night behind a sheer curtain.

Anther way to fill your bedroom with light is to Use mirrors to capture the sunlight and bounce it around. This doesn’t mean a major change in your decor but you may find moving a large mirror to a different wall will optimize the light reflection in the room. Try it across from a window or on a wall that corners against the window wall for the most light distribution. If you don’t have a headboard, you can try using a large mirror as a headboard simply by putting it behind the bed.

Try moving your furniture around to create a more open space. Make your bedroom feel light and airy even if you have to put away some of the furniture for another time. Moving the furniture into a ‘summer arrangement’ can optimize your space and give it a more airy feel.

If you have a fireplace in the bedroom and normally focus your seating around that, consider turning the seating to face away. You can put a nice fern or other plant in the opening. Think about decorating the mantle with some summery items like shells and a nice large vase of fresh flowers.

You don’t want a too cozy-comfy look in your summer bedroom so get rid of all those fluffy comforters and flannels. If you find that look is too plain, consider buying or making covers for the pillows that compliment your summer scheme. Celadon green, aqua blues, a hit of orange or even nautical navy and white stripes work great. You might also throw in a rattan or bamboo covered pillow (for looks – not comfort!).

Plants can add a summery feel to the bedroom and are great to have around. A large tropical with palm leaves will give an instant injection of summer to your rooms. Adding some colorful cut flowers will add further summer appeal. However, too much of anything is not good. Don’t clutter your rooms with so many plants it feels like a conservatory.

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