The Best Alumunium Fence Design Ideas

The Best Alumunium Fence Design Ideas 09

Aluminum fences are available in a wide variety of styles, designs, colors, and heights. The use of appropriately designed aluminum fences can enhance the looks of your home, pool, yard, or wherever they are used. Most aluminum fence styles come with matching gates to provide a neat, finished look.

A picket fence is a variety of fence that is used mostly for domestic boundaries. Aluminum fences have become a very popular material for picket fences.

Aluminum fences in traditional wrought iron deigns are very popular. They are available with picket points placed as the customer desires. Staggered picket points, evenly placed picket points, pointed pickets, or smooth edged pickets are the choices available to consumers. If you are not very fond of jutting picket points, there are styles that run a top rail over the pickets to enclose them. You are even given a choice of enclosed but exposed pickets or enclosed pickets with no exposed points.

On request, residential fences are manufactured using industrial grade aluminum. These can be designed according to your desires. By opting for this feature, one gets a hardy, durable, but stylish fence. Styles can be incorporated easily, as aluminum is easy to work with. Colonial styles with rounded railing over pickets are a very popular style for large fences.

Pool safety fences are generally made in no-fuss designs that make safety the primary consideration. Pool safety fences are made adhering to the regulations of minimum height required, gauge of metal, type and reliability of latch, no exposed pickets, and the like.

Features like a welded frame for extra strength, self closing gates, self latching gates, arched accent gates, and the like accentuate the looks and appeal of aluminum fences. The incorporation of such styles gives an elegant touch to aluminum fences.

Accessories like finials, scrolls, or ball caps made of rust free aluminum add a distinct element of style to aluminum fences and gates. A wide choice of colors also makes them adaptable to almost any aluminum fence. The most popular colors for fence accessories are gold, bronze, black, and white.

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