The Best Simple Shed Design Ideas

The Best Simple Shed Design Ideas 11

A homeowner’s most common solution to how to build a storage shed is simply review some great shed ideas, pay top dollar and contract it out. People think that building a shed is the kind of project strictly reserved for those skilled in woodworking. The bottom line is that there is so much first-rate how-to material available both online and off that anyone truly can build their dream shed even if they never built anything before.

The purpose of the following list of tips and tricks were compiled to give the beginner an overview of the process of building a shed with the hope that the reader is convinced that, “yes, even I can build my very own storage shed.” First, set up your shed plans. Shed design and shed construction are currently popular topics online and can be found by doing simple Google searches. A good and reliable site should include all pertinent information such as diagrams and instructions.

As you review various shed plans and shed ideas, pay extra special attention to zoning laws that may require a building permit. You can always take your shed plans to the county clerk to verify this information.

Before construction, take special care in determining optimal placement of the shed. Besides the most comfortable and convenient positions of the shed, also consider the logistics concerning power lines, water and sewage pipes, and phone lines when determining the shed’s position. Make sure you can easily gain access to these resources.

The first stage of construction entails planning your shed’s foundation. A solid foundation is critical in all construction and is no different when building a shed. Determine whether you prefer to build a concrete foundation or a skid foundation. Concrete foundations are more permanent giving the best protection against external elements like frost, but they are harder to install and are more costly. Skid foundations are much easier to install and are more affordable, but are much less durable than concrete. They use timber placed beside each other along with gravel that is two inches wide beneath the added rain channel. The skid foundation is generally the most common foundation for most backyard sheds. However, when constructing larger sized structures or even smaller sheds in colder climates, a concrete foundation may probably be the optimal choice.

After completing the foundation, it’s time to construct the walls. There are numerous ways of doing this. One method is to use two pieces of plywood with a lattice piece in between, much like a sandwich. This method produces a nicer looking wall with some padding and insulation. Another simpler and faster method is to use broad wooden planks that can be attached with the wooden beams or with additional planks. Although this is faster and easier to build, it provides no insulation or padding.

Now that the foundation and walls are up, the next stage is to plan the entrance to the shed. This is critical. The opening must be measured accurately so that the shed doors can be installed appropriately. When shopping for shed doors, select a more durable door, since it is the only portable part of the shed.

The final stage of planning is the shed’s roof. The roof will create a shed’s unique look and feel. However, the main goal of the roof is to protect the entire structure from the sun’s rays and rainfall. The two most commonly applied roof styles for sheds include gable and barn model rooftops since they contain that special shed look and are cost efficient.

Sheds are available in countless shapes, sizes and styles, but the basic structure, planning and stages of construction are always pretty much consistent. Of course each stage of building a shed can be implemented in any of an infinite number of methods, but if you are a beginner it’s best to select the faster and easier methods. Take the time and effort to review your shed ideas carefully and plan each stage. Going through this process of planning your shed will convince you that you certainly can decipher the secrets of how to build a storage shed.

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