The Best Summer Interior Decor Ideas

The Best Summer Interior Decor Ideas 28

Have you ever been to someone’s house who loves to decorate for each and every season, whether it’s Christmas, summer, or even St. Patrick’s Day? You may be thinking, ‘how on earth do they find the time for all this?’ or ‘I wish I could find the time to make my home match the changing seasons. You may be surprised to learn that changing your home decor to match whatever season it may be is much simpler than you ever though, all it takes is a few quick changes or additions.

When it comes to interior decorating, it is no surprise everyone has their own taste and style, which is good…we wouldn’t want to walk into numerous homes and have them all looking the same, that would be boring! No matter what your style or taste is, you can brighten up your home for the summer months with a few easy steps.

Consider adding a few coat of light paint to your walls. If you don’t want to paint a large room like the living room, think of painting the bathroom or dining room…something smaller, but that still gets used often. Lighter shades of blue, yellow, and green are wonderful colors for the summer.

Instead of painting, you could put up some wallpaper in fun summer prints. Something as simple as stripes can really make a home look seasonal. Imagine a beautiful light blue and white striped wallpaper with white furnishings all around such as end tables, a coffee table, and perhaps even white wicker furniture. You could add some beautiful ivory seashells to large glass bowls and throw various shades of light blue pillows on the chairs and couches. Add in more color with complimentary colors such as light green and yellow.

Even if you don’t want to go through the trouble of painting or wallpapering, you can still add those extra accessories to make the room really look summery. As mentioned above, seashells are always a great option or anything that reminds you of the beach. Flowers are also always in style, pick some bright and vibrant flowers for a more fun feel.

Another quick way to transform your home to a summer paradise is by adding wonderful smelling candles or other fragrances. Lighting candles throughout the entire house will fill it with beautiful tropical smells or fresh clean ones, whichever you prefer.

Lastly, consider your lighting. Summer lighting should be dim, soft, and inviting. Consider a new, white lampshade for your current lamp or buy a new lamp with lots of white and light accents that match your room. Add a low wattage light bulb to the lamp, and voila!

With these few interior decorating tips, you can transform your home, or just a single room, into a beautiful summer sanctuary. Just keep in mind, light colors such as white, light blues, greens, or yellows; summery accessories such as seashells; wonderful ‘summer’ smelling candles, and soft lighting.

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