The Best Summer Table Design Ideas

The Best Summer Table Design Ideas 30

Summer is here and you are entertaining on the patio more than inside. Getting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather makes summer the greatest time of the year. A table set with decorations and place sets inspired by summer can make the day more festive. No paper plates and Styrofoam cups required this year. You can set an elegant summer table with very little effort and even less money. You save because the place settings are reusable for the next soiree. Read on to find out how to design a table that is fashionably casual.

Themes – Choosing a great theme for the event is most important. You can go with the fresh flowery settings for casual dining or something more elegant for a sophisticated evening with friends. For a touch of elegance spray paint some plastic fruits in silver and gold and create a magnificent centerpiece. Less formal, use a fresh vase of daisies that will certainly do the trick.

Great start to a beautiful summer table. Make sure you balance the colors and that they do not clash. Get back to nature by using natural woods like bamboo. You can use colored rocks in clear glass vases with sprigs of fresh green vegetation and beautiful summer flowers. This will give your table a more natural outdoorsy look. Be creative and make your own napkin rings. All you need is

Various seashells or other small decorative items Craft jute, thickness size 4 Empty toilet paper tube Hot glue gun and glue sticks Straight pins Sheet of wax paper. To make a napkin ring start by covering the toilet paper tube with the wax paper. The glue inevitable gets stuck on the paper. It is easier to remove the holder if its not stuck to the cardboard tubing. Now take your Jute or any similar type of rope and wrap it around the tube. Adding beads of the hot glue to the upper side of the rope.

You are going to be attaching more rope loops up the tube. Gluing each loop to the one that came before. Once you have enough for a proper napkin holder. Cut the end of the rope and glue it well. Use the stickpins to hold the loops together until they are completely dry. Next glue on the shells or rocks into an interesting arrangement once dried they are ready to use.

Candle lanterns are a great way to light up the night on any summer table. You can set them on the table and around the patio to give the area a soft romantic glow.Setting a great summer table is all about you and your creativity. If you are not that creative you can many photos online of beautiful summer tables and even hints on how to achieve the look for yourself.

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