Wonderful Summer Exterior Decor Ideas

Wonderful Summer Exterior Decor Ideas 39

Everybody is happy when summer is around as it means that the days are longer and people can stay out on their patios until quite late in the night. The patio is quite different in summer compared to the winter season, and there are some changes that need to be done so you can really take all the benefits that the long and beautiful summer nights can offer you in your backyard or patio.

Creating a gorgeous exterior lighting design is quite easy with the many different types of lights and candles that are available nowadays on the market. The modern technology allows us to have all sorts of lights installed and even when budget constraint is an issue, you can still have a beautiful exterior lighting decoration set up.

For example it is very easy to use candles to give that extra spark to your outdoor illumination. Candles are quite cheap and you can buy them in many colors, sizes and shapes. Also candles are well known for bringing to every place a romantic and relaxing mood. To use candles outside you need some kind of fixtures that will hold them in place and make sure that they are protected due to weather conditions, such as more intense winds. If the wind will blow them out right away, you haven’t really achieved anything with using them.

Also you could use outdoor lanterns that are classic and elegant. They provide your patio a soft and muted light that will be just right for you and your friend sitting for an idle chat in your backyard. You can also use the patio lanterns during the day because they are quite nice in design.

Another option for outdoor illumination is using torches. They have an aura of history around them that many people like. You need some sort of fuel for most of the available torches, however there are also designs that are specially made for candles. Torches have a particularly dramatic effect when using during the night and as an added benefit, the bugs will leave your guests alone as well.

If you think that you can’t combine winter with summer, then think again. Can you believe that many people use their Christmas lights as summer lighting decorations? They give the patio that extra glow and sparkle that is perfect for any birthday parties for your kids.

A similar set of lights called solar net lights can be easily used in outside. They are perfect for lighting up entire bushes and shrubs. All you need to do is place the net of lights along the areas that you need and they’re ready to go. You can use these lights during the day and night. During the day time the lights get enough solar energy to last throughout the night. Once the sun comes up, they simply switch off.

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